Who is Murakumo in Rune Factory 5

Who is Murakumo in Rune Factory 5

Apart from fighting different monsters and doing your day to day farming, you can do a whole lot more in Rune Factory 5. The game’s story takes place in a small town called Rigbarth and is full of different characters and inhabitants. One such inhabitant is Murakumo and in this article, we will tell you all you need to know about Murakumo in Rune Factory 5.

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Who is Murakumo in Rune Factory 5?

Murakumo is one of the many characters in Rune Factory 5 and operates Rigbarth’s only inn. Murakumo is a were-animal and after first meeting your character, he understands the importance of customer feedback and starts to come up with ways to make his inn a better place.

Murakumo in Rune Factory 5 is portrayed as a lively, somewhat careless, and self-sacrificing character who loves to help and tend to others. However, his self-sacrificing nature often hurts him and his business. He can be met at The Blue Moon during the day, and players can have a chat with him or shower him with gifts to raise their Friendship level.

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Who is Murakumo in Rune Factory 5


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