Catching the myriad of monsters available in Rune Factory 5 has its own series of quests, named Wanted Monster, that players can get from an NPC named Livia in the early game. 

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Among many Wanted Monster side quests, we have one where players have to catch a Fairy.

However, many in the Rune Factory 5 community find locating this Fairy a rather daunting task. 

So, to help such players out, we prepared a handy guide that shares details on where exactly you can find the Fairy in Rune Factory 5. 

What is the Fairy’s Location in Rune Factory 5?

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Assuming you have talked to Livia, accepted the Wanted Monster side quest, and chose the option Subjugate the Fairy, you can visit the Southwest part of Phoros Woodlands area to locate the Fairy

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Sometimes, it will take a few seconds for the Fairy to spawn, so make sure you don’t hasten the search process of finding the Fairy. 

Once you have found the Fairy, attack it to bring down its HP to a level at which you can use the ZL Key to catch the Fairy.  

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While fighting the Fairy, you have to be wary of its attacks as the Fairy hits hard. This enemy can lower your HP very quickly, so make sure you go to the Phoros Woodlands prepared. 

Rune Factory 5 is a roleplaying game currently available on the Nintendo Switch platform. 

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What is the Fairy’s Location in Rune Factory 5


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