How to Completely Tame Monsters in Rune Factory 5?


There are no animals in the Rune Factory 5, as they have been replaced by monsters. Monsters are naturally hostile, but you can tame them, and then tamed monsters can give you products like wool, fur, and milk. You can also invite them along on your adventures, which is a really cool option if you don’t have a high enough relationship with any of the townsfolk to call them into a dungeon with you. Taming monsters is a simple action but requires practice, which we will show you in our guide. 

How to Completely Tame Monsters in Rune Factory 5?

Firstly, you’ll need to build a Monster Barn to gain the ability to tame monsters. You can do this after you complete some quests in the Whispering Woods and unlock the Earth Dragon. When you fulfill all conditions, Ryker will post a request on a board named “Build a Monster Barn” and will then give you all the material you need to build the barn. 

Now you’re able to tame monsters, and to do this, you need to give the monster an item. The monster will react in one of two ways after receiving this item: with a positive reaction (heart image) or negative (black skull image). You will tame a monster if you see a picture of a heart. Then, just name it and your tamed monster will join your party and start attacking any other monsters. Don’t worry if your monster is low-level, since you can easily up it by defeating enemy monsters. You can finish off enemies yourself, as your tamed monster will gain experience any way.

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How to Completely Tame Monsters in Rune Factory 5?


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