Genshin Impact offers a plethora of playable and non-playable characters with a great back story and lore. One such character is Guizhong. She is a character that many players have heard about – after entering the Liyue region.

There are even machinery and places in the Liyue region that either have the name Guizhong attached to them(Guizhong Ballista) or they offer some kind of description on Guizhong. And, as gamers, we all love lore and stories on some cool videogame characters, and this brings us to our today’s topic, Who is Guizhong in Genshin Impact?

Guizhong was the God of Dust who presided over Guili plains(prior to Archon Wars), located in the Liyue region. She was also referred to as Ruler of the realm of clouds, and many of you might already know – Guizhong was a very near and dear friend to Morax – Lord of Geo, whom we currently know as Zhongli.

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Keeping that in mind, we know that Guizhong is more than 6000 years old in Genshin Impact.

That being aside, Guizhong was a kind-hearted god who lacked raw power but possessed great knowledge. She was also a great engineer who created the Guizhong Ballista to protect her people from evil.

Before Archon War, Guizhong and Zhongli(Morax) ruled the Guili Assembly together, alongside other trusted Adepti. Though during the Archon Wars, the entire region was filled with demons and evil entities and at the same time, there was a battle between gods. And, despite not being a powerful god, Guizhong and other Adepti fought the demons, monsters, and other gods in Guili plains to protect the people.

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The Battle between gods was fierce and as an outcome, the area where Guizhong and the Adepti fought the other gods and monsters become a wasteland, that we as players now know as Dihua Marsh. Also, in that battle Zhongli(Morax) lost his best friend Guizhong.

The Same friend that Zhongli met for the very first time amongst the Glaze lilies – her final moments were also amongst the Glaze Lilies.

There, she wore one last smile, albeit a lonely one. Her last request to Zhongli was to forget about the stone dumbbell.

Guizhong the kind-hearted goddess who always tried to unite her people tried to protect them, created the four commandments that lay the very foundation of the people of Liyue and their beliefs – “Teach with wisdom, be bound by virtue, fortify the bones, unite in ambition”, was now dead and with that Zhongli took the survivors south of Mt. Tianheng and formed a new town called Liyue Harbor.

Is Ningguang the reincarnation of Guizhong in Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact 1.3
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Guizhong was a great engineer who created advanced machinery, who taught her people new things on agriculture and all that. Similar, Ningguang is a great engineer who created the Jade Chamber.

Guizhong was a gentle-natured goddess, “She was benevolent towards her people. She hoped for them to be wise, strong, to stand by a moral code, and to unite themselves to protect their home—the Guili Assembly. In return, she was adored by her people”.

We have seen something similar, Ningguag is also adored by her people, she alongside the Liyue Qixing try to unite the people of Liyue to protect their home themselves.

Guizhong loved the Glaze Lilies, and one of Ningguang’s ascension items is Glaze Lilies.

“Guizhong took the form of a young woman with billowing sleeves”, and Ninggaung also wears a dress with billowing sleeves.

Personally, we do think that Ningguang is the reincarnation of Guizhong, and at the very least, she is somehow related to Guizhong.

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