Who Are the Most Watched Cookie Run Kingdom Streamers

How Do You Get Ancient Cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom

Cookie Run Kingdom is a cute RPG about the adventures of Cookies. The game has deep lore, as well as many different unique characters. Players assemble a team of these Cookies and fight various monsters and bosses. Despite the simplicity of the gameplay, the game is very exciting and can often be seen on streams. And in this guide, we will tell you about the most popular CRK streamers.

The Most Watched Cookie Run Kingdom Streamers

The most popular streamers often help Cookie Run Kingdom players. They talk about builds, farming methods, etc. And so the number of viewers is constantly growing. We have identified the 4 most popular streamers:

  • The first streamer is HyRoolLegend. Viewers watch his streams because he provides the most accurate news about the game all the time. In addition, he creates excellent guides and tips and tricks.
  • Further Kodeations. This streamer collects the largest audience on his streams dedicated to game updates. Also, his tier lists have impacted the meta several times.

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  • The next streamer is Jimmy Chau who is also known as More Juice. He often talks about the lore of the game and also promotes one of the Cookies called the Muscle Cookie. And this is not surprising, because he is the voice actor who voiced this character.
  • And last on our list is Royal Mike. This streamer has amassed an audience thanks to his deep knowledge of Cookie Run Kingdom lore. He always talks in detail and interestingly about the storylines and the relationship of the Cookies.

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Who Are the Most Watched Cookie Run Kingdom Streamers


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