Which is Zora’s Favorite Item? Dislyte Quiz Answer

zora from dislyte

Like many mobile gacha games, Dislyte’s characters have an incredible amount of lore behind them. To learn this, you should take the game’s pop quizzes, which ask personal questions about the game’s characters. These will really test how well you know a character; in fact, some of the answers might surprise you. In particular, those facts about Zora, a character recently added to the game.

Zora is one of the most interesting espers with a heartbreaking backstory. There is a lot to learn about her and you can learn it through the pop quizzes. This is Zora’s favorite item in the Dislyte quiz answer.

How Zora’s Past Ties Into The Answer

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To figure out answers to the quizzes, it’s important to look for context clues in the character’s trailers and clips. With Zora’s, one of those answers is quite obvious if you look close enough. During the trailer, we learn that Zora is working towards getting revenge on certain people, which is probably why she became a bounty hunter.

Zora from Dislyte with her parents.

It’s not quite said there if she’s friend or foe as she laments to ponder over whether receiving her powers was a good or bad thing. During this, a photograph from her childhood is shown where she’s standing in between what we can comfortably assume are her parents. In that picture, the young Zora is holding a stuffed bunny doll, something that probably continues to be her comfort item to the present day. In fact, it might be the last and most important thing she has from her childhood.

What Zora’s Favorite Item Is

When you go to Zora’s questions, you’ll see there are 3 different ones for you to answer. Each question will reward you with your either one gold record for correct answers or 100 crystals for wrong answers. What Zora’s favorite item is will be the third question. You’ll see an option of Miramon Statue, Bunny Toy, or Brynn’s Album. The correct answer is Bunny Toy.

Make sure to always do the pop quizzes for the rewards. When looking for answers, search for context clues in the game! Collect your rewards today in Dislyte.

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Which is Zora’s Favorite Item? Dislyte Quiz Answer


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