How to Farm Crystals in Dislyte


There are several in-game currencies in Dislyte, but Crystals are one of the most valuable and demanded among players. Thanks to this currency, you can summon new espers to your collection, and therefore the more crystals you have, the more characters you can get. There are several ways to get crystals in the game, and today we will talk about the most effective ways to farm crystals.

How to Farm Crystals in Dislyte


As we said earlier, Crystals are one of the three in-game currencies, using which you can summon new espers. If necessary, you can always buy crystals in the in-game store for real money, but the prices are very high, so think before you make a purchase. You can also get crystals just slowly getting to know the gameplay of Dislyte. You can play for fun, trying different game modes, and for completing some tasks you will receive crystals.

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But if you want more, you should read this guide to the end.

There is no better way to farm crystals, and if you want to get as many of them as possible, use all available methods for which you will be getting crystals:

  • Participate in in-game events.
  • Complete all quests and tasks.
  • Go through the story part of the game.
  • Get achievements.
  • Get rewards in M-Pass.
  • Level up your account.
  • Participate in expeditions.
  • Spin the daily roulette.

If you use all these methods daily to get crystals, you can easily farm as many crystals as you need.

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How to Farm Crystals in Dislyte


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