Where to Swim in Icy Water in Fortnite X Dragon Ball

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The Fortnite X Dragon Ball event brings a week of quests to complete to earn rewards, including the ultimate prize of a Shenron glider. All through the week players are completing tasks meant to test their strength, agility, endurance, and much more besides. One of the endurance training quests is split into 3 parts: to land at Logjam Lotus and climb to the highest point in Shifty Shafts, walk 500 meters, and then swim 500 meters in icy waters. Find out below where to swim in icy waters in Fortnite X Dragon Ball.

Where to Swim 500 Meters in Icy Water in Fortnite

The three parts in this quest can all be achieved in one match, and all in one area. It begins with landing at Logjam Lotus, then climbing to the highest point at Shifty Shafts. From there, players can complete the 500 meters on foot quest by walking to either the coast of the lake near Logjam Lotus.

icy water swimming fortnite
Areas with icy water in Fortnite (via Epic Games)

It may be safer to complete the swimming quest at the coast, in the sea, as it is less likely to have other players lurking.

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The quest does not have to be completed in one match so do not worry if you are eliminated or get stuck in the storm. It can be completed in the next match.

Swimming in the icy ocean may be safer (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

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Once you have swam 500 meters in any body of icy water the quest will be shown as completed and you will receive your Power. This will help you progress toward the ultimate goal of unlocking the Shenron glider!

That is all you need to know about this icy swim challenge! Why not check out what other quests are available in the Dragon Ball Power Unleashed Event Quests! Good luck.

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Where to Swim in Icy Water in Fortnite X Dragon Ball


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