How to Land at Logjam and Climb Shifty Shaft’s Highest Point in Fortnite

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Dragon Ball arriving in Fortnite has brought some exciting new quests to complete. Players must prove their strength, agility, endurance, and more One of these quests is to race from Logjam Lumberyard to Shifty Shafts without getting killed on the way. Quite the challenge when every other player seems to be doing the same quest! Find out below how to land at Logjam and climb Shifty Shaft’s highest point in Fortnite.

How to Easily Land at Logjam Lotus and Climb the Highest Point in Shifty Shafts

The first part of this quest is to land at Logjam Lotus. This is simple enough and just requires you to jump from the Battle Bus at the start of the match and land within the Logjam Lotus area. You will see you have completed this part successfully when the quest pops up.

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Land at Logjam Lotus for part one of this quest (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

It may be a good idea to load up and get shields while you are in Logjam Lotus. This will help you when you inevitably come across an opponent on your way to Shifty Shafts. Once you have what you need, head towards Shifty Shafts, specifically the largest mountain with rocks and Chests on top of it.

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Standing atop the mountain at Shifty Shafts (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

There is a path running up the side of the mountain, or you can build your way up. Gliding in also counts if you want to use a Rift-to-Go or a Nimbus Cloud to get there instead. As soon as you land atop the mountain you will see you have completed the quest, and gain your Power!

That is all you need to know about this Dragon Ball Power Unleashed quest. Next up, why not check out how many more quests there are to complete during this event? Good luck.

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How to Land at Logjam and Climb Shifty Shaft’s Highest Point in Fortnite


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