Where to Pre-Order Callisto Protocol


Callisto Protocol is a new survival horror game available for PC and consoles. Players will have to survive in a prison on the moon of Jupiter called Callisto. An epidemic broke out in the prison, and prisoners began to turn into terrifying monsters. And in this guide, we will tell you where to pre-order Callisto Protocol.

Where to Pre-Order Callisto Protocol

In Callisto Protocol, you take on the role of Jacob Lee, one of the few survivors of the Black Iron Prison. Jacob will have to get out of this prison, breaking through a lot of scary monsters that used to be people. To do this, you will need different weapons, which you will have to create yourself from various garbage.

And in order not to miss this cool game, we suggest you pre-order it. In addition to the fact that you will receive the game immediately on the day of its release, you will also receive additional goodies. There are two digital versions for pre-order:

  • The Callisto Protocol – Digital Deluxe Edition
  • The Callisto Protocol – Day One Edition

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You can pre-order the Digital Deluxe Edition for $80 for PC and consoles, and $90 for next-gen consoles (Xbox Series X/S, PS5). In addition to the game, you will also receive a Retro Prisoner Character & Weapons Skin and a Season Pass. And PS5/PS4 owners will also get The Contraband Pack exclusively.

The Day One Edition can be pre-ordered for $60 and $70, respectively. You will receive a copy of Callisto Protocol and a Retro Prisoner Character & Weapons Skin. And for PS5/PS4 you can get The Contraband Pack.

You can also pre-order the Collector’s Edition for $250, but only for consoles. In this edition, you will receive a copy of the game with additions from previous editions, Jacob’s Statue, Steelbook, Pins, and TCP Comic #0 Edition. And you can only pre-order this Collector’s Edition at GameStop.

As for the Digital Deluxe Edition and Day One Edition, you can pre-order the game at any game market. For example, for PC users, we recommend Steam and Epic Game Store. Console users can pre-order the game from the PlayStation Store or the Microsoft Store.

Now you know where to pre-order Callisto Protocol. We recommend that you do this to receive exclusive goodies. And we hope this guide was helpful for you.

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Where to Pre-Order Callisto Protocol


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