Where to Locate Sticks and Stems in Rune Factory 5

How to Get the Cooking Table in Rune Factory 5

The fast-paced action RPG Rune Factory 5 requires players to protect the town by taming monsters and helping support the town and its people. When not out adventuring, players can grow resources in farmland on the backs of dragons, become friends with the locals, and maybe even fall in love. Crafting, cooking, and fishing are large parts of the game, so players will need to learn how to create decent tools to make these jobs more efficient.

A few of these tools require Sticks and Stems to create them, such as axes, hammers, and fishing poles. Find out below how to acquire these important resources.

Where to Find Sticks and Stems in Rune Factory 5

Stems are from plants, or plant-like creatures, such as a Flower Lion. Flower Lions can be found in the western part of the Kelve Volcanic Region in the forest areas. Be warned; although they are cute, these monsters are pretty deadly! They can shoot fireballs, which deal a lot of damage. Before approaching a Flower Lion, make sure you unlock the Kelve Lava Cave.

flower lion rune factory 5
Flower Lion in Rune Factory 5 (via RuneFactoryWiki)

If you tame a Flower Lion, it will give you one stem every day. To tame a monster, you will have to give them gifts they desire such as the items or resources they drop. If they like the gift, a heart will appear above their head, and if it is tamed, the heart turns into a flower. Once you have gained their trust, they can be brought to the barn (find out how to build this monster barn in our guide here).

Stems also come from plants such as the Flower Lily in the Meline Crystal Caverns and Kelve Lava Cave, Flower Crystal in the Meline Crystal Caverns Depths, and the Pinkula at Calamity’s Edge Hall.

Sticks are a variety of resource covering things like horns and branches usually dropped by monsters. These can be dropped by Ghosts in the Belpha Ruins, Furpys in the Meline Crystal Caverns, and Ripper in the Everlasting Darkness, among others.

Let us know in the comments below where you have found sticks and stems.

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Where to Locate Sticks and Stems in Rune Factory 5


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