Where To Get a Focus Sash in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet – Location Guide

the focus sash from pokemon

One of the best held items for long battles in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is the Focus Sash. This nifty tool can get you out of a tight spot when you are at the end of a battle. By using the Focus Sash, your Pokemon will be prevented from fainting when hit by a move that would have otherwise knocked it out. Your Pokemon will be left with one HP, giving you a chance to heal it up and continue the battle. However, it will only work once. Still, they are extremely helpful in fighting enemies with hard-hitting attacks. This is where to get a Focus Sash in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Where To Buy A Focus Sash

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the delibird shop in pokemon scarlet and violet

To get the Focus Sash, you have a couple of options. You can purchase it later in the game at the Delibird Presents Store in Mesagoza for about 50000 Pokedollars. The item will unlock in the shop after you have collected at least 4 gym badges. If you do not want to splurge that much money, there is another route you can take.

How To Get A Focus Sash For Free

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have something called the League Challenge, where inside each area you are tasked to defeat a certain number of Pokemon trainers. These may seem like busy work, but you do not want to skip them if you can help it, as the rewards are absolutely worth it.

When you reach the required number of trainers defeated, you can talk to the League official standing by the area’s Pokemon Center to get your reward. Depending on the area and number of trainers required to beat, you can get some pretty rare items and TMs for finishing these. In Porto Marinada in West Province Area 2, the League official will grant you a Focus Sash for defeating four trainers in the area.

Now you know how to get a Focus Sash without spending all of your Pokedollars and will have an important item for battles! For coverage on other rare battle items, keep following Touch Tap Play!

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Where To Get a Focus Sash in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet – Location Guide


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