Best Team Builds for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

the three starters from pokemon scarlet and violet

It may be difficult to stick to a core squad of six monsters in Scarlet and Violet’s open world since there are so many Pokémon to pick from in the game’s open world. You don’t need to go any farther than these five options to round out your grassy gato if you want to strive for the most optimal squad possible that will endure for the whole of the game.

All three of these words: Sprigatito, Fuecoco, and Quaxly. The Pokémon offered as part of the Scarlet, Violet, and Paldea regions’ respective beginner packs. There are two considerations that must be made in order to assemble the greatest possible squad for each of them. The first is to fill up your team with Pokémon that balance out your starter’s inherent strengths and weaknesses. Two, if you include Pokémon that are efficient against Gym Leaders as part of the category of “well-rounded,” which includes Pokémon that are useful at all stages of the game.


At level 16, your cat will develop into a Floragato and begin to walk about on its hind legs while swinging a flower yoyo for its attacks. Once it reaches level 18, it will be able to breed with other Floragato. It won’t transform into a different kind just yet, but it will start to develop deeper color patterns on its fur, which is a clue at what will occur when it reaches Level 36. At that point, Floragato will evolve into Meowscarada, also known as “The Magician Pokémon.” Meowscarada will be a Grass/Dark Pokémon that has astoundingly high Speed and Attack. To make the most of this Pokemon’s capabilities, you should place a strong emphasis on physical moves of the Grass, Dark, and other types.

Taking into account the Pokémon kinds and statistics of Meowscarada, the following are the five most beneficial Pokémon for you to capture as soon as possible to complete your team:


Charcadet has a fierce fighting spirit, and it will engage in combat with opponents that are stronger than it is. Its firepower rises throughout combat, reaching temperatures of almost 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit at its peak. It particularly enjoys fatty fruit, such as blueberries. Charcadet, according to the legend, was created by breathing life into charred charcoal.


Pikachu develops from Pichu when the trainer’s friendship level is raised to a high enough degree, and Raichu evolves into Pikachu when it is exposed to a Thunder Stone. Pikachu replenishes its energy as it sleeps, however this process may be disrupted by things like stress and insufficient rest. Electric discharges of varied intensities may be emitted by it. Pikachu is known to store energy in its glands, and in order to prevent any issues, it will need to release some of that stored energy. It is also capable of releasing energy via its tail, which functions as a grounding rod, as well as replenishing other Pikachu with electric shocks. This ability is unique among all Pokémon.


Magikarp develops into Gyarados beginning at level 20. The fish known as Magikarp may be found in a variety of bodies of water, including lakes, rivers, and ponds. On the other hand, because of its poor swimming skills, it is often found living downstream of where the water is flowing. Splash was considered to be the Pokémon’s hallmark move in Generation I. Because it often uses Splash to launch itself out of the water, it is an accessible prey for predators like Pidgeotto and Pidgeot. There is evidence that Frillish hunt Magikarp as well.


Rookidee first develops into a Corvisquire when it reaches level 18, and then it becomes a Corviknight when it reaches level 38. Rookidee are territorial Pokémon who are known for their fiery nature and willingness to battle anybody, regardless of how large or powerful their adversary may be. They have the ability to conserve part of their own energy after each fight, which allows them to improve their overall strength even if they are defeated. They are able to hop about quickly from one location to another because to their legs, which allows them to throw off Pokémon that are larger than they are.

Wooper (Paldean)

When Wooper reaches level 20, it starts evolving into Clodsire. The majority of Wooper’s life is spent in ice-cold water. While it is resting, it sleeps half buried in the muck at the bottom of the pool. When the air starts to become cooler in the evening, it will sometimes come out of the water to look for food along the beach. While it is moving over land, it protects its skin from drying out by coating itself in a film that is both slimy and poisonous. This film also acts as insulation against the cold. If you contact the film with your bare hands, you will experience excruciating agony. It is a shy Pokémon that has a tendency to stick close to its partner, Quagsire. Wooper’s natural adversary is the Pokémon Arbok.


Fuecoco is a Pokémon of the Fire type that was first seen in Generation IX. Once it reaches level 16, it will develop into a Crocalor, and once it reaches level 36, it will evolve into a Skeledirge.
The body of this bipedal crocodilian Pokémon is primarily red, while its stomach and face are white. Fuecoco is a Pokémon. Because of its little size, the flame sac inside its body is continually losing its contents of flaming energy.

The energy escapes in the shape of two yellow tufts on top of its head; should Fuecoco get more enthusiastic, more flame tufts may emerge. The mouth of a fuecoco contains three teeth, with one located in the top jaw and two located in the lower jaw. Its eyes are black, and its nostrils are shaped like triangles. It has short limbs and huge feet, each of which has two toes that are black in color. The abdomen, back, and tail of a Fuecoco, as well as the bottoms of its feet, are covered with yellow square scales. These scales seem warm to the touch, despite the fact that they may get quite hot. The scales are able to convert heat from the environment, such as from the heated rocks that it lays on, into a kind of flammable energy.





Smoliv is a Grass/Normal type Pokémon that was first seen in the Generation IX games. Beginning at level 25, it develops into Dolliv, which then evolves into Arboliva beginning at level 35. Smoliv is a little Pokémon that has the appearance of an olive. It features a spherical body that is green in color and two short legs. It has pitch-black eyes with white pupils and a jaggedly serrated lips. A golden fruit with a hole on top of its body is surrounded by a few leaves on all sides.

Because the Smoliv stores a very pungent and astringent oil in the fruit on its head, which it creates from the nutrients it collects via photosynthesis, it is able to survive seven days without either eating or drinking. The oil that Smoliv keeps is not fit for human consumption, and it has a taste that is so pungent that it may cause someone to wince. Smoliv will squirt out this oil in response to being surprised or assaulted, which will cause its opponent to move more slowly, and then it will flee. It thrives best in regions that are dry and sunny, and it spends much of its time basking in the sun. 

Wooper (Paldean)

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Quaxly is a Pokémon of the Water type that was first seen in Generation IX. Beginning at level 16, it develops into Quaxwell, which then evolves into Quaquaval beginning at level 36. Quaxly is a neat and orderly Pokémon, but it has a bad habit of overanalyzing situations. The feathers of a Quaxly exude a glossy gel that acts as a barrier between the creature’s body and water and dirt. It abhors becoming filthy, particularly on its head, and does its best to avoid doing so. Because of its powerful legs, Quaxly is able to swim without any difficulty, even in swift currents. In addition to this, it uses its legs to deliver rapid and repeated kicks to its adversaries. Although it is possible to find Quaxly in Paldea, this creature is not indigenous to the area; rather, it arrived here from distant lands a very long time ago.

Keep in mind that the following is only a guideline for the greatest possible team builds in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. It’s possible that your favorite Pokémon may be switched out for others. For instance, you might use Growlithe instead of Charcadet, Pawmo instead of Pikachu, or Marill instead of Magikarp in place of Charcadet. You could also use Marill in place of Magikarp. The important thing to remember is that you have choices, so feel free to play around with the make-up of your squad.

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Best Team Builds for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet


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