Simple Tomb in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is a free-to-play mobile RPG. It has a huge world map with different areas and regions to explore. There are a lot of quests and activities spread across the World. This guide will explain to you Simple Tombs, their locations, and what to do with them.

Simple Tomb Locations in Genshin Impact

Simple Tombs in Genshin Impact are graves or tombstones with katana in front of it. You need to place a Dendrobium flower on each of these to complete the quest. However, it may be not so easy to find these Tombs and complete your journey. It demands to explore the whole territory of Yashiori Island to find all hidden Tombs. Here is the picture of the location of all Simple Tombs:

But, while visiting all of these 6 locations you will need to solve some puzzles and fight enemies to get access to Simple Tomb. Also, they are often well hidden. Here is a short description of how to find them all:

  1. Among foliage at the bottom of the cliff on the east of Fort Fujitou.
  2. At the bottom of the cliff on the east of Higi Village.
  3. This one is located behind two dead trees in the North of a small Island.
  4. On the east of the small island near the Nazuchi Beach teleport waypoint.
  5. Below the teleport at the halfway down the cliff of Jakotsu Mine.
  6. Inside the mouth of the Serpent’s Head. You will need to defeat a mini-boss and solve a puzzle to get this one.

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Dendrobium Locations in Genshin Impact

Dendrobium in Genshin Impact is the thing you need to bring to the Simple Tomb locations. You can find Dendrobium flowers in Nazuchi Beach. You will need 6 of them to complete the quest.

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