Where to Find Ograne Grottos Class Emblem in Chained Echoes

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Chained Echoes is a JRPG with fun 16-bit graphic style from Matthias Linda. The story-driven adventure has quests to complete and foes to beat, but none of this is possible without levelling up your team. Improve their skills by equipping different class emblems found as you explore the lands. One of these is the Warrior Mage Emblem found in the Ograne Grottos. Find out below where to find Ograne Grottos Class Emblem in Chained Echoes.

How to Get the Ograne Grotto Class Emblem

This emblem can only be found when you are nearing the end of the game. The foes you face here are not easy to beat and you will need to be stocked up on Incocybin Berries. To achieve this emblem you will need to complete A Goblin’s Dilemma side quest. It is also advisable that you the side quest The Gates of Nhysa if you want to avoid a big monster.

A Goblin’s Dilemma Side Quest

A Goblin’s Dilemma is triggered after completing Ruins Under A Tree. If you have completed these side quests already then scroll down to the end to find the location of the Ograne Grotto Mage Warrior Class statue.

Travel to Rohlan Fields and find the waterfall in the middle of that area. On the top will be a goblin named Bark who is tied to a tree. When you untie him, he will run off to Basil, and you must try to follow him there.

Talk to the Goblin tied to a tree (via Chained Echoes)

On your way there you will meet a man who is inspecting giant claw marks in the ground. This giant monster has been attacking homes, including a person named Jan who you must go and speak to.

Take a look at the claw marks (via Chained Echoes)

Travel to the Seaside Village to visit Jan’s house. There is some drama around Jan’s house, and you see goblins running away. The Village Elder gives you a Goblin Crest and asks for your help with the situation. You will now need to go and speak to the Goblin Chief who lives at the Goblin Village, deep in the Ograne Grottos.

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At the Goblin Village you will gain entry thanks to the Goblin Crest you received earlier. Visit the Merchant and buy as many Incocybin Berries as you can. These will prove useful later. You can also purchase The Human Language so you can communicate with Goblins, and Baibai X so you can access areas at the Flower Fields of Perpetua.

Location of the Goblin Village (via Chained Echoes)

Explore the rest of the village and speak to everyone you can to find out some important information, items, and some extra side quests. Once you have finished exploring, find the large tent to the north and speak to the Goblin Chief. Unfortunately he is not very happy to speak to you. Jan tries to help negotiate but to no avail, and you both leave.

Buy Incocybin Berries (via Chained Echoes)

Follow Jan to his home, where you will have to defend his daughter against a goblin. You can choose whether to fight and kill the goblin. If you spare the goblin you will get a little bonus storyline. Travel down to Rockbottom at Kortara Mountain Range, and if you picked up a key from the Goblin Village you can access the mine’s locked door at the end of the elevator.

Explore the mines and fight off some Goblins, go down to the bottom via another elevator to find a small altar with a Darkness Tablet that you should grab. Choose to either burn the totem to wipe out the goblins entirely, or leave it. It is up to you. Then head back to Jan’s house to complete the side quest and gain your rewards.

Finding the Ograne Grottos Emblem

Defeat the monsters! (via Chained Echoes)

Once this is all done you will be able to head to the entrance in the Rohlan Fields waterfall accessed by using Sky Armor. Use the berries you got from previous encounters to get past the Tadeye monsters. The berries weaken the monsters enough to defeat them.

Location of the statue (via Chained Echoes)

When you finally get to the statue, offer Sacred Water and pray to get your emblem! Then that is it, you have finished this quest. Next up, why not check out the rest of the available emblems. Good luck!

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Where to Find Ograne Grottos Class Emblem in Chained Echoes


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