Where to find Lush Caves in Minecraft Bedrock Edition


The most anticipated update in Minecraft’s history, Caves & Cliffs Part II, has been out a while now. The Minecraft community was fascinated by the stunning caves and mountains added in the 1.18 update.

Minecraft 1.18 update added six sub-mountain biomes and two cave biomes. For the first time, Minecraft has 3D biomes in vanilla gameplay. Previously, all biomes used to generate only horizontally. But with the addition of cave biomes, you will find different biomes on the surface and underground.

Finding cave biomes can be difficult than finding regular biomes. Since they generate underground, you will have to explore caves to find them. However, it is tedious and has a low success rate.

If you have trouble finding lush caves, this guide will help you locate these beautiful biomes in Minecraft.

Lush Caves in Minecraft Bedrock

Lush caves are among the prettiest biomes in Minecraft. It is covered with green moss, features beautiful glow berries, and is home to cute axolotls. In fact, lush caves are the only place where axolotls can spawn naturally in the version 1.18 update.

Many players began searching for lush caves to find new lovely blocks and adorable axolotls. Bedrock players do not have access to /locatebiome command, which forces players to find biomes in survival.

An exposed lush cave

There are many ways to find lush caves without using commands. You can try searching for an azalea tree. These trees look like oak trees but have azalea leaves and flowering azalea. Lush caves generate under every naturally generated azalea tree. Travel to new chunks for a better chance at discovering azalea trees.

If you have access to elytra, flying over new chunks can help you find lush caves. Glow berries illuminate lush caves. If there is a cave opening leading to a lush cave, you can notice it easily during nighttime because of glow berries.

If you still fail to find lush caves, using a seed map is probably the last option. Follow these steps to locate lush cave using the seed map tool:

  1. Go to Chunkbase’s seed map tool by clicking here.
  2. Enter your world seed.
  3. Select version as Bedrock 1.18.
  4. Deselect all options and select ‘Cave Biomes’.
  5. Note down the coordinates of lush caves.

Visit the coordinates and dig under the ground to find yourself in a beautiful lush cave. Using the seed map, you can also locate dripstone caves, the other cave biome.

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Where to find Lush Caves in Minecraft Bedrock Edition


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