Beautiful Minecraft Bedrock Seed: Lush Cave, Jungle Cliff

Beautiful Minecraft Bedrock Seed: Lush Cave, Jungle Cliff

Minecraft is a very famous game and it allows you to build lots of interesting things. Your imagination and creativity are the only things that can limit you. However, the things you are starting with are important as well. You can create something good not only with blocks you use but also with the location you’ve chosen for your building. In order to find some interesting locations, you can use seeds that generate your world. This article will tell you about one of the most interesting seeds with a beautiful jungle cliff and lush cave in Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

Beautiful Jungle Cliff World Seed in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

There is a beautiful world seed for Minecraft Bedrock Edition that you can use to create some magnificent buildings. There are two epic jungle cliffs divided by a river that lies between them. On the top of these cliffs, you will see jungles and giant mushrooms. The river that separates two cliffs is deep and you will need a boat to swim from one side to another.

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Under one of these two cliffs, you will see a lush cave with a beautiful waterfall. But you will need to prepare a lot of torches or other items that you can use for lighting as the cave is very dark. Also, this cavern is filled with water and it can be a good hideout.

If you want to look at this location, you will need to use its world seed. Here is the seed itself: [834489104]. You should be spawned next to the two cliffs. However, if you have some problems and can’t find this location, here are the coordinates: [-67 63 275]. You can use them to find this location and use it for your needs.

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Beautiful Minecraft Bedrock Seed: Lush Cave, Jungle Cliff


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