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Where to Find Jumptown in Star Citizen

Where to Find Jumptown in Star Citizen
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Not afraid of getting jumped in Jumptown? Then, proceed by all means! Jumptown in Star Citizen is an outpost, a drug lab, and a place where you can easily get ambushed by other players. It contains good reserves of valuable Altruciatoxin, which explains why it is so popular.

With constant updates Star Citizen is going through in its current alpha build, you might be wondering how to find this location in the snowy labyrinth of its planet. Our guide explains where to find Jumptown in Star Citizen 3.18.

How to Find Jumptown in Star Citizen

Jumptown is located on the northern hemisphere of Yela, a moon that orbits Crusader, in the Stanton system. Yela has a frozen surface filled with craters and protruding mountains, making a rather desolate-looking and monotonous landscape. This makes Jumptown much more difficult to find as there are no easily recognizable landmarks anywhere nearby.

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If you want to go to Jumptown in Star Citizen 3.18, you can follow the instructions below:

  • Jump to OM-5
  • Position your ship so that you’re looking straight at the vertical divide between the grey and white area of the moon with OM-3 right in front of you
  • Use the Pitch of -28/-29 with your compass at the top pointing between 250 and 245
Jumptown Yela Star Citizen location
Image via TouchTapPlay
  • Head down based on those directions keeping your eyes on the ridge from the image above
  • When the Pitch turns into the ALT Meter, you will want to keep heading down following the compass between 65 and 60 and at the angle of -30
  • At one point, as you approach the ground, you will fly over a mountain ridge with a crater in its vicinity, like in the picture
Jumptown Yela Star Citizen directions
Image via TouchTapPlay
  • If you continue flying past the crater, you will soon see updated Jumptown come into view in front of you

Land and explore the expanded Jumptown outpost to your heart’s desire. We hope you find this Star Citizen location easily with our directions. If you need more help with this game, TouchTapPlay is here with more guides—for example, we provide answers to the question of whether Star Citizen is coming to Xbox as well.

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Where to Find Jumptown in Star Citizen


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