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Will Star Citizen Release on Xbox? Answered

Will Star Citizen Release on Xbox? Answered
Image via Cloud Imperium Games Corporation

Star Citizen is building up to be an all-encompassing space experience that gives players the chance to explore the galaxy, experience all the thrills of space combat, or just simulate day-to-day life on the final frontier.

The development of this highly-anticipated game started in 2010, and it’s still in full swing. While PC players can access and enjoy aspects of the game in its current state even now, console users are generally confused about what Star Citizen has in store for them. Will Star Citizen release on Xbox one day? We bring you all the answers that you’re looking for.

Will Star Citizen Release on Xbox?

Star Citizen
Image via Cloud Imperium Games Corporation

Star Citizen currently doesn’t have any plans to release on Xbox or any other console. The game developers are focused primarily on PC, with mentions of possible subsequent Linux releases.

The main issue is that even PC gamers don’t have any clear ideas on when Star Citizen will see the light of day in its finished form. The game has become notorious for constant delays and missed deadlines, and it is currently still in its alpha 3.18 phase, with no definitive news on the beta release.

The scope of the project is gigantic as Star Citizen aims to include different modules that behave as games within the game, simultaneously working on space simulator, first-person shooter, and MMO aspects, and with Squadron 42, a single-player story-based game in the works as well.

If this trend continues, it is highly unlikely that current consoles will even be options for a Star Citizen release. It might be a better question whether this ambitious project will be available on whatever comes next after Xbox Series X/S.

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Will Star Citizen Release on Xbox? Answered


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