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Where to Find Catfish in Dredge

Where to Find Catfish in Dredge
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With so many different types of fish and other creatures in Dredge, it is important to know where each one thrives. It is also worth knowing what specific fish require to be caught successfully. Is it best to use a rod, trawler nets, or pots? Do they gather more at night or during the day? And most important of all: how much are they worth?

The Catfish, and its aberration the Nightwing Catfish, are sold for a good price… But where can we find them? Keep scrolling to see where to find Catfish in Dredge.

How to Get the Catfish in Dredge

The Catfish is native to the Mangrove trees whose roots and dangerous vines twist along the ground and through the waters. In among the twisted roots, deep in the dark waters live freshwater fish like Giant Mud Crabs, Longfin Eels, and the Catfish.

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Twisted Strand is a region in Dredge where many of these Mangroves are found, and the only area where you will be able to fish for Catfish. This area is also home to Mind Sucker a motion-tracking enemy who increases your Panic and brings forth vines to attack your boat. The slithering vines will attack your boat if your Panic rises too high. Avoid the vines by keeping on the move, or use Banish to ward them off temporarily.

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The Catfish is a scavenger creature who lurks near the bottom of the water and can be caught using a rod or by trawling. They can only be caught at night so be ready for some creepy night time fishing! It is a slow fish and not too hard to catch but if you do come across what you think is a speedier Catfish than normal then this just might be a Nightwing Catfish! The Nightwing Catfish is an aberration of the regular Catfish, a grotesque version that is actually worth a whole lot more due to its rare nature.

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CatfishNightwing Catfish
LocationTwisted StrandTwisted Strand
Catch Rod/TrawlRod/Trawl
Value $70$180

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Where to Find Catfish in Dredge


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