Where to Find Antimatter in No Man’s Sky?

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We continue to dive into the wilds of an exciting space sandbox, actively developed by the Hello Games studio. This guide will explain to you where to find antimatter in No Man’s Sky. It was added with the free DLC Next, which was released a few years earlier. Since then, there have been some changes in how to get this material, but the concept has remained unchanged. Let’s start!

No Mans Sky Guide: How to Find Antimatter in 2022?

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You will get the first unit of this mysterious element during the story campaign. Just move through the story, completing the tasks set by the developers. You will have to study an unknown signal, so do not ignore the order. On the spot, you will see an abandoned building, a laboratory complex, or something else. Inside you will find a terminal that should be activated.

As a result of the research work, you will obtain a formula for crafting a container used to store and transport Antimatter. In the future, you can craft (if you find a suitable blueprint) or purchase raw materials in shops located at space stations and planetary nodes. A high density of NPCs increases the likelihood of finding the material.

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If you are interested in creating the substance yourself, you have to collect 25 pieces of chrome metal and two dozen compressed carbon. After this, use a refiner, and process copper or other ore into Chrome Metal. And carbon will need to be compressed. Sometimes it is found in finished form, but the search can be long.

This is everything you need to know about finding Antimatter in No Man’s Sky. Having coped with the task, you can continue your journey to the central part of the galaxy. Fortunately, the plot has been reworked, and the campaign has become many times more exciting than it was in 2016. Now the gameplay is just amazing. The graphics have been improved, and the procedural generation of landscapes, flora, and fauna has become even better.

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Where to Find Antimatter in No Man’s Sky?


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