New Pokémon Snap

New Pokémon Snap features tons of different Pokémon to snap, ranging from the most popular creatures that ever appeared in the series, select Legendary Pokémon, and some more obscure ones. Among the creatures included in the game is Vivillon, the butterfly-like Pokémon that is among the most popular Pokémon in the series.

What most New Pokémon Snap newcomers do not know is that the Vivillon found in the game comes with different Wing Patterns: a few of them can be spotted by simply playing the game, while others require you to complete a specific set of actions to discover them.

Here’s how to find all of the Vivillon Wing Patterns in the Research Camp and the Florio Nature Park.

How To Find All Vivillon Wing Patterns In The New Pokémon Snap Research Camp and Florio Nature Park

Research Camp

Fancy Pattern

The Fancy Pattern Vivillon can be found on the Research Camp course. Start from the lab side, and play through the level normally until you get to the area with the houses. The Pokémon is above the tree nearby, but you must throw a Fluffruit first at the Starly nearby to make it appear.

Poké Ball Pattern

The Poké Ball Vivillon is found in the Research Camp course as well, but you must start from the Entrance side. Play through the level until you spot Dedenne sleeping. Wake the Pokémon up, and lead it to the bushes behind to make the Vivillon appear.

Florio Nature Park

Garden Pattern

The Garden Pattern Vivillon can only be found in the Park (Day) course once you reach Research Level 3 in the area. As you get into the flower field at the end of the course, you should spot the Vivillon as you make your way up: it is difficult to miss.

Meadow Pattern

The Meadow Pattern Vivillon is found right at the start of the Park (Day) course. Just look around as soon as the course begins and you should have no trouble spotting it. In case you miss it, there are a few more right past the flower field at the end of the course.

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