Where to Find All Secrets in The Devil in Me

Everything that you need to know about where to find all the secret in the Devil in Me are right here! Continue reading to find out every secret in the game!

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A secret may be found at the center of each and every game in The Dark Pictures Anthology. And the best way to solve this mystery is to investigate the hundreds of hidden nooks and desks that the H. H. Holmes murder hotel has to offer. 

There are a total of fifty secrets included throughout The Devil in Me, and because of this, we have compiled a detailed rundown of where they can be found, who can find them, and which other secrets they are connected to. When you put all of the pieces of The Devil in Me’s story together, you will finally be able to piece together its frightening backstory. The secrets that you can find below, are presented in chronological order.

A little warning, the post contains incredibly big spoilers for “The Devil in Me.”

All the Secrets In The Devil In Me

Secret 10: As soon as you demonstrate that you have control over the “damaged” version of Kate, you will be sent on a mission. A stiletto shoe with no heel will be located on the right side of the path, only a few meters from the point where you begin.

Secret 31:
While you have control of Kate, look for the trolley. You’ll find it. Enter the lockable shed on the right before going into the main building. You can get in there by climbing up on top of the log wall, going all the way around the shed, and then entering through a hole in the wall. The picture from the trip will be placed on the ground in the furthest corner of the shed.

Secret 12: When Charlie is searching the first level for his smokes, you will have access to the lobby of the building. This is the twelfth secret. Proceed to the check in desk located in the lobby. To get a copy of the Hotel Guest Book, please consult the book.

Secret 19: After signing the visitor book, go behind the counter. Charlie may use his business card to access a filing cabinet. You’ll locate the Postcard if you do this.

Secret 14: You’ll enter the first-floor pub as Charlie while looking for your smokes. Go right. On the stand, you’ll notice a newspaper.

Secret 43: Keep Charlie under control and glance to the left of the real bar. There is a display case there. There is a coffee cup on the counter. You may access the Invitation if you move it.

    Secret 22:You’ll be instructed to find a balcony while controlling Mark and with Kate by your side. After passing the Jumpscare clock, turn left to enter the dim study. The item on the desk will be a book.

    Secret 29: You’ll be asked to look at something on top of the bookshelf and make use of Mark’s talent for the first time in the same study against the bookcase. If you do, a white book will drop. You’ll discover a birth announcement if you open it.

    Secret 13: You will enter the library while remaining under control of Mark. Pass the balcony entrance and take a left after that. There will be a desk with a tape recorder directly across.

    Secret 46: As soon as Jamie is under your control, go straight ahead into the dark hallway. To your left will be an open door. The staff break room is located here. There is a cupboard in the break room for employees. A will amendment is hidden within the drawer.

    Secret 39: It will be plainly visible on the table when Jamie walks into the maintenance area. In fact, you ought to see it sparkling even before you enter the space. This is a receipt for an auction.

    Secret 32: Past the auction receipt on the table, go on farther into the space. A building bill will be concealed below the desk.

    Secret 49: Enter the chamber next door where you may hear singing once Jamie restores electricity. To draw back the curtain, press the button in bright red. Step up to the podium. On the left side, you’ll notice a sparkly examination, but you should go all the way to the right side. The lost tape for the tape recorder in the room behind us is lying there on the floor. Jamie will do the rest on her own.

    Secret 18: Enter the room with the desk when Erin goes to inspect the Silver Ash. There will be a piece of paper on a desk against the wall on the other side of the room. Start by interacting with this since doing so will trigger a cutscene that will bring an end to your stay in the Silver Ash. The school will send you a note.

    Secret 15: At the end of the hallway, turn right rather than left while Charlie and Jamie are following the blood trail. The FBI Memo will be on the floor at the end of the hallway.

    Secret 35: Immediately to the left on a table, after you take control of Charlie and emerge from the cage, there will be two images of crime victims. Unmissable.

    Secret 42: As Charlie, turn left as you leave the cage. A KD Log Book will be on the counter. When you open it, the secret will be revealed on the last page.

    Secret 41: Jump over the lockers as Jesse and Mark fall through the spa floor and into the sauna area. Enter the chamber that is open on the left. The letter of resignation will be on the ground.

    Secret 25: After running away from the murderer while in charge of Mark in the workshop, enter the room with the mannequins. A mannequin head is perched on a shelf on the room’s left side. To learn the next secret, interact with it.

    Secret 3: Assuming control of Mark in the workshop yielded the third secret. On the desk, just after the chamber with the talking mannequin, is where you’ll find this secret. They definitely intended for you to discover this secret. It’s quite difficult to miss.

    Secret 4 is close to where you discovered Secret 3. This is located on the same cabinet next to the desk as the FBI ID card. The image will be inverted. Turn it over to learn this information.

    Secret 6: They’re only leaking information about us right now. You will go through the room where you could see the robot’s cameras and the room where you discovered the FBI ID card and Training Photo while controlling Mark in the workshop. Turn left to enter the next chamber. You’ll discover a desk. The psychological report comes first.

    Secret 27: Do not skip this one. You’ll enter the control room between the walls while in charge of Jamie. Sherman Tape 4 may be found by interacting with the one-way mirror leading to the interrogation chamber. Without locating it, advancement is impossible.

    Secret 23: You’ll start to hear sobbing in the second-floor hallways while Jamie is under your control and you’re with Erin. You can see the lady sobbing in the room. There will be a book on the floor in the room next to this one, along with many looted baggage. You may interact with it to discover J. Morello Sherman’s Book.

    Secret 5: As Erin, you’ll go inside the writer’s bedroom next to the woman’s sobbing woman’s chamber. There is a newspaper clipping on the vanity mirror. Find the Body Snatching Article by interacting with it.

    Secret 21. After opening the chamber with the sobbing lady, you may locate this with Kate and Erin in the second corridor.

    Secret 2: Charlie will pull back a trolley to enter the next chamber while you are managing him after he exits the incinerator. The FBI badge will be hidden behind the police jacket that is lying on the ground.’

    Secret 7: When Erin and the others arrive in the control room, circle the area until you reach a desk with a police badge on it. The white board with a list of the crew members’ most recent known whereabouts need to be nearby.

    Secret 40: With Erin in the control room, ascend to the uppermost level. There are several drawings of H. H. Holmes on the wall there. Examine it to learn the secret of costume design.

    Secret 38: On the desk to the right of the drawing of H. H. Holmes on the second level of the control room, there is another voice recording. To get the hidden answerphone tape, click it.

    Secret 47: As soon as Erin steps into the director’s suite, turn right. There will be a cup of coffee and a printed copy of an email on the desk. This email contains the custom mask.

    Secret 26: There is a newspaper on the desk directly to the right as Erin enters the secret path under the carousel. The Chicago Killer Newspaper Cutting will be this.

    Secret 1: You’ll access the locker rooms while under control of Mark. You will see a mannequin on the ground next to a window when you are eventually instructed to turn left via a door. Its companion is a wedding band.

    Secret 9: Control Charlie and climb the ladder to the second story of the building with Mark at your side. There is a desk with a lockable drawer in the first room you’ll enter. Open it using Charlie’s business card, then go through the Childhood Medical Record.

    Secret 16: Turn left after passing past the murderer’s bizarre hanging chamber. There is a desk to the right and a lever to the left in this compact space. A recorder with the APB Broadcast will be on the desk.

    Secret 11: Pull aside the white medical screen to expose a vat and a desk in the killer’s preservation chamber while controlling Charlie and with Mark present. Forget about the vat and go to the desk to get a clipboard.

    Secret 44: Climb the short rock wall and then cross the log in the forest while controlling Jamie and in the company of Kate and Erin. A driver’s license will be lying on the ground.

    Secret 45: The theme park picture will be placed right next to the driver’s license.

    Secret 34: Cross the bridge and get to the shed while controlling Jamie in the woodland. Behind the shed, locate the shed key, and then open it. The body of a guy is within. This is covert no. 34.

    Secret 36: When playing as Mark, go to the lighthouse’s ground level. On the desk as soon as you enter. Look at the cardboard box on the desk while on the first level of the lighthouse. The degree certificate for Hector is included there.

    Secret 30: On a dresser in the second bedroom of the lighthouse’s main level, you’ll discover a handwritten note. This mail was returned.

    Secret 8: You’ll visit the lighthouse kitchen while under charge of Erin and Jamie. The kitchen table will reveal Secret 8 right away.

    That is all there is to know about where to look for each and every secret inside “The Devil in Me.” Have a look at some of the other postings that have been made about this game, such as:


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    Where to Find All Secrets in The Devil in Me

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