Where to Catch a Treasure Chest in New World


New World is a thrilling new MMORPG that garnered thousands of players after its release and the developers had to create a slew of servers to reduce the queues that gamers were facing. However, the game’s servers are pretty stable now and players are having fun with Amazon’s New World.

There’s a lot to do in New World apart from raging towards enemies and battling for glory. Players are required to find resources like treasure chests containing important items that will help them in the game. So in this article, we’ll be showing you where to catch a treasure chest in New World.

Where to Catch a Treasure Chest in New World

Treasure chests are one of the rarest items you can find in New World. You’ll most likely spend a lot of time grinding before being rewarded with a single treasure chest in New World. Fortunately for you, we have discovered a couple of ways to find treasure chests in New World that shouldn’t put you through a lot of grinding.

Finding Treasure Chests By Fishing

Different players might very well have different ways of finding treasure chests in New World. However, one of the most effective ways that have worked for us is by fishing. And although all of the game’s fishing locations are different with different catch rates, we did all of our fishing at the Broad Fishing Hotspot in Windsward.


Windsward is also one of the best places you can catch a treasure chest as well. Also, since seeking out treasure chests to complete the Treasures of the Deep quest in New World, you only need to catch one treasure chest.

Catching Treasure Chests in New World

Below are the two main things you’ll need to know and do to catch treasure chests in New World:

  • Use Firefly as Bait
  • Land your fishing line in deep water or land it in an active hotspot where fish are jumping out of the water.

If done correctly, you should be able to hook a treasure chest in regular shallow water that’s not even an active hotspot, but the rate of catching chests here will be lower than in deep water.

Although you can still get treasure chests without using bait, we highly recommend using them because you’ll likely find treasure chests sooner by using bait. You should also upgrade your fishing pole along the way to increase your chances of catching rare fish as well.

What is inside Treasure Chests?

You will receive different items in treasure chests which will mostly be goods for smelting and jewel crafting, sometimes coins.


Most of the items you’ll get will be common items but treasure chests usually contain at least one uncommon item in a chest and there’s a chance of getting rare gems if you’re lucky.

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Where to Catch a Treasure Chest in New World


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