Sneaky Sasquatch is a stealth game with survival elements where you live the life of a Sasquatch—sneaking around camps, scrounging and eating foods from picnic baskets, disguising in human clothing, and doing all other everyday Sasquatch things. 

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It is an open-world game filled with many points of interest and locations that either play a vital role in Sneaky Sasquatch’s main story or are just present to add a unique touch to the game world. 

Among the many locations, we have the Sewers in Sneaky Sasquatch that players would want to visit if they want to catch some unusual fish like the three-eyed fish and mutant fang fish.

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But the problem is that not everyone is aware of the location of the Sewers in Sneaky Sasquatch. 

Seeing that, we prepared a handy guide pointing out the exact location of the Sewers in Sneaky Sasquatch.

Where is the Sewer in Sneaky Sasquatch?

In Sneaky Sasquatch, you will find Sewers below the Town. It’s a location where all the waste from the town buildings gets collected and treated.

You will find the entrance to the Sewers from behind the Cafe. There is a chance that you may not know how to reach the Town from the starting Campground location?

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Well, the Town is located west of the Campground. You will eventually go there when you reach the second chapter of the main quest. 

Once you are in the Town, head towards the Cafe. Once you reach there, go behind the Cafe to find the Sewer entrance. When you are inside the Sewer, you can fish two un-usual fishes, the three-eyed fish, and mutant fang fish.

Sneaky Sasquatch is a stealth game currently available on the iOS platform via the Apple Arcade subscription. 

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Where is the Sewer in Sneaky Sasquatch? – Answered


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