Sneaky Sasquatch’s 1.7.3 update added a myriad of fun new activities for Sasquatch. He can now go foraging for mushrooms, paint over buildings, explore the new river connecting the lakes, become a ferry captain, or run his own private island campground! To start running a private campground, first you’ll need to find the right island, so today we’ll show you where the private campground is in Sneaky Sasquatch!

Where is the Private Campground?

To get to the private campground, first you’ll need to become the ferry captain. Head to the island, then go to the building where you sign up for boat races. You should see the ferry captain standing in the middle of the building, so talk to him and agree to become the substitute ferry captain.

As the ferry captain, you now have access to the big transport ferry. Grab your truck, load it up with some lumber, and then drive to the harbor. The ferry has enough space for you to drive your truck onto it, so do that and then take control of the ferry. Head out to the open sea and then select the top location.

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Now you’re in the rocky island area. Head north until you run into a big island with some grass on it, and you should see a docking icon near the rocky shore, along with Ranger Duck. You can unload your lumber here, which you can use to build the island dock. After building the dock, Ranger Duck gets the idea to turn the island into a private campground! You can now start bringing more lumber to build additional amenities for the island.

The private island campground is now officially yours to run! If you have any other questions or tips to share, let us know in the comments below!

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