Sneaky Sasquatch, available on Apple Arcade, is full of places to explore and quests to go on. You play as the title character and make your way around the mainland and little island, looking for food and objects along the way. With the game’s latest update, the devs have added a fun way to explore the maps and gain a vast amount of coins! Visit the Mushroom Hunter, who will send you on a mission to find 29 different types of mushrooms.

The mushrooms spawn randomly and can spawn in different locations, or not at all, depending on the time of day and the weather conditions. The guide provided by the Mushroom Hunter gives small clues as to where you may find some of these mushrooms, but it doesn’t tell you exactly where to go. You will have to explore every area carefully, and some multiple times, before finding every mushroom. The list below should give you a good idea of the sorts of areas to search for mushrooms if you are stuck.

Where We Found The Mushrooms

Mushroom TypeLocation Found
Violet WebcapApple trees in RV Park
Chicken of the WoodsGolf Course
PuffballFerry Port
Witch’s ButterSnowy area
Winter ChanterelleSnowy area at night
Fairy RingWoods near large pond, and beside red berry bushes
Blue ChanterelleSawmill in rain, large fishing area in dry weather, and by RV Park D
Elfin SaddleSawmill in dry weather, and near a road in the rain
Prince Race Track
BlewitRace Track in the rain, and by a large pond in the rain
ChanterelleNear a pond in dry weather, and near Campsite B
Angel WingSnowy area, and on cut trees in Campsite D
Dryad’s SaddleGolf Course
CauliflowerIsland trees in the rain and at night
Apricot JellyGolf Course pond at night
Lions ManeCampsite D on trees
OysterOn trees near Campsite A
MorelAt night near a river
Shaggy ManeBeside trees in town, near a road
Purple CoralOn the island near water
Honey Golf Course pond at night
ShrimpBy a road in town in the rain, and near a red berry bush by a river
Dusky BoleteCampsite B at night
Hedgehog Near Museum
Witch’s CauldronSpeak to Jack in the cave, pay him 1000 coins to make it Halloween for the day, find the mushroom by a tombstone near where the bear is looking for honey in a bee nest
Fly AgaricCampsite B in dry weather
LobsterIsland near the small pond
PineRV Park D
PorchiniRanger’s Station

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Sneaky Sasquatch Mushroom Hunter gameplay

Let us know in the comments below if you found the mushrooms in different areas than we’ve listed here.

Happy hunting!

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