Sneaky Sasquatch: Where to Find Apple Trees

Sneaky Sasquatch is an exciting game with multiple locations for you to explore. You will find numerous quests, hidden caches, activities, and dig spots in these areas. The main world of the game is called Sasquatch Valley, and its location is in Canada. You will be able to interact with map points located all over the Valley and view all the maps this way.

You can also go to Raccoon’s store and buy your map from him. All kinds of NPCs inhabit the Sasquatch Valley, such as Duck, Fox, and Bear (they all are the animal friends of Sasquatch).

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Sasquatch must wear the ranger outfit. Otherwise, the rangers, who are constantly monitoring the Campgrounds, will do their best to catch and capture the Sasquatch.
To hide in the Valley, you can use the vegetation from the bushes or trees; there are multiple hidden paths, ponds, lakes, and cutaways that will lead you to secret caches.

​The Location of the Apple Tree in Sneaky Sasquatch

The initial starting area located at the Campgrounds is not the only place of interest in the Valley. Aside from it, one may find the Race Track, Sawmill, Ski Mountain, Golf Course, RV Park, Campground, Town, Maze, Lake, Museum, and Marina.

If you are in search of an Apple Tree, it is not hard to find it. At first, you will need to go to one of the places of interest mentioned above. It is called RV Park. Please search for the radio guy’s trailer (there is only one trailer of this type in the game, so you will find it with no issues). An Apple Tree is located right behind this trailer.

With our instructions, you will never have a hard time finding the needed things in the games. Stay tuned and have fun playing the game!

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