Where is the Best Place to Train Pokemon in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl? – Answered

Level up

The Pokémon series has followed one formula successfully throughout its long-running history, and that is the tried and tested RPG formula of a level system.

Players capturing their own Pokémon from the wild, raising them, and training them to higher levels to beat other stronger Pokémon and rival trainers (be it NPCs or other players) has been around since the era of Pokémon Red and Blue, but times have changed since then.

Now there exist more methods for training Pokémon, including choice locations to optimize your Pokémon’s experience gain.

How to Level up Faster

There are two easy methods to achieve this:

  1. Finding a Lucky Egg
  2. Using a Rare Candy

Finding a Lucky Egg

This method involves finding a wild Chansey, either at Route 209, Route 210, or the Pokémon Mansion, and capturing it to gain its Lucky Egg item. Alternatively, if the player has access to the move Thief, they can use it to steal the wild Chansey’s Lucky Egg.

When the Lucky Egg is equipped on a Pokémon, it increases the experience they gain per battle.

Using a Rare Candy

Rare Candies can be found at various locations around the game. Feeding a Pokémon one of these will increase their level by 1, thereby speeding up their leveling process.

If the player chooses to train their Pokémon manually, there is one choice location in the game for grinding levels.

Best Place to Train Pokémon

The best place to train Pokémon would be in the Grand Underground. The Grand Underground consists of many biomes with Pokémon of various types, all of which are at alternating levels, offering a challenge to all Pokémon.

The wild Pokémon retroactively level up in the Grand Underground as well, which would give players’ Pokémon a big experience boost every time they beat one of them. For best results, we also recommend equipping the Lucky Egg to the Pokémon of the player’s choice that needs to level up faster.

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Where is the Best Place to Train Pokemon in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl? – Answered


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