All Rare Candy Locations in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

Rare Candy

Rare Candies have been a classic item throughout the Pokémon franchise and trainers can find quite a few of them scattered throughout Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

Feeding a Pokémon a Rare Candy not only instantly raises its level by 1, but also slightly increases their friendship. Rare Candies are massive speed-ups for players wanting to shorten their leveling process.

Also, if the Pokémon had reached evolution conditions when it leveled up, it will evolve upon feeding the Rare Candy. This can be done when the Pokémon is level 100 as well—although they won’t gain any more levels, they can still evolve.

Rare Candy Locations

Route 214

Surf across the pond just to the right of the Route’s northern entrance, just below Veilstone City.

Route 218

North of the Route 218 entrance to Jubilife City, surf to get to the small patch of grass behind the trees.

Route 224

Surf east of the maze of trees just north of the Route 224 entrance, beside a cliff next to the berry patch.

Route 225

Beyond the Route 225 entrance, there are two trees that can be cut. The Rare Candy is beneath the bridge to the right.

Route 230

Surf to the large island in the middle of the river and smash the rock on the east side.

Eterna City

Dawn’s father gives all players a Rare Candy after asking how many Pokémon they have added to their PokéDex.

Wayward Cave

Under the northernmost end of the bike route on 206, there is a cave entrance that will require Flash to navigate. The Rare Candy is in the north-western corner of the cave.

Solaceon Ruins

Final room at the bottom part of the Solaceon Ruins. The way to get there is to take the following staircases, in order upon entering:

  • Top right
  • Bottom left
  • Top right
  • Top left
  • Bottom left

Upon following these sets of stairs, players will reach the bottom of the ruins.

Mt. Coronet

North of the Mt. Coronet entrance, past Route 211, move the boulder with Strength and smash the following two rocks with Rock Smash to reach it.

Victory Road

South-eastern corner of the cave with three large bodies of water. Surf on the southern water body and go up the stairs on the west.

Stark Mountain

From the entrance of Stark Mountain’s main chamber, the path leads to a small staircase. Go to the very end of the narrow path that staircase leads to.

Grand Underground

There are two rare candies in the Grand Underground:

  1. In front of a boulder in the top right corner of the Spacious Cave, found to the south-east of where players drop into the Grand Underground from the entrance of the Iron Islands.
  2. In the Spacious Cave, north of where players drop in from the entrance to Ramanas Park behind another large boulder in the top right corner.

Hidden Rare Candy Locations

Not all Rare Candies are hidden in plain sight, some of them just can’t be normally seen. Well, how does one find them? The Dowsing Machine app on the Pokétch makes things a lot easier, using its radar. Hidden items, including Rare Candies, will ping with a small dot that shows the direction where the item is with regards to the players’ current location.

Here are the locations of all the hidden Rare Candies:

Route 207

Past the bike hill, on a narrow path leading south beside a hill, just west of the Hiker in the area.

Route 212

Near the treeline in the northwest corner of the swamp area, north of the Route 212 sign west of Pastoria City.

Route 225

Below the house with a blue roof in the middle of Route 225, above the patch of tall grass.

Route 228

Below the Route 228 sign posted where Route 226 and Route 228 meet.

Galactic Veilstone Building

Up the stairs, past the room with the beds and down the hall, there are three warp pads. Take the warp pad in the middle and it will lead the player to a room with two cargo crates in the bottom left corner with the Rare Candy.

Great Marsh

North-western corner of Area 1 in the Great Marsh.

Valor Lakefront

South of the Seven Stars Restaurant in the Grand Lake Hotel area of the Valor Lakefront on Route 214, past the three small cliffs that can be scaled with Rock Climb, hidden on the top cliff.

Mt. Coronet

From the Celestic Town entrance to Route 211, there’s a staircase leading down in the passage to the north that descends into a foggy room that must be cleared with Defog. Following that path the whole way north will lead to two small boulders behind a smashable rock, and the Rare Candy is hidden between them.

Victory Road

There are two Rare Candies that can be found hidden on Victory Road:

  1. Hidden under a boulder in the third of three Strength puzzles that players must solve to progress through Victory Road’s second room and moving the final boulder out of the way.
  2. Take the staircase east in the final room before the Pokémon League and follow the road down into a misty room that the player can use Defog on. Then take the northern path and push several boulders out of the way with Strength. Players will reach a small lake that they can surf across to reach four boulders at the east side. Interact with the water just in front of the boulders.

Alternate methods of obtaining Rare Candies

In addition to these locations, Rare Candies can also be obtained from:

  1. Pokémon with the Pickup ability—some of them include Munchlax, Aipom, Ambipom, and Pachirisu.
  2. Rare Candies can also be exchanged for 20 Battle Points at the Battle Park’s Exchange Service Corner.

Closing Thoughts

Rare candies are a rare and valuable resource throughout the history of the Pokémon games and players need to make sure to use them wisely, with the very finite nature of their existence in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

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All Rare Candy Locations in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl


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