It looks like you are in the process of passing the quests and now is puzzled with the quest “Emote On Kors Platform.” If we are right and you need help here, we are ready to guide you through this process. Keep reading this article, and we will specify the location of Kor’s Platform in Brawlhalla. Let’s get the ball rolling, guys, and check how we can complete the task as soon as possible!

​How to Find Kor’s Platform in Brawlhalla

Most likely, you know that Kor is one of the characters in Brawlhalla who can be bought in the shop. The price you will need to pay is 3900 Gold. The defense level of this character is mighty. Those people who took their time to read Kor’s description will know where his platform is located. Just check it out: “I enjoy my job as left platform mover in Blackguard Keep. That platform is heavy, but I enjoy the challenge. I try to move it smoothly, so no one wonders why those rocks float.” Thus, head to Small Blackguard Keep searching for the answer! The description is the hint for you on how to get to the needed point.

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Your steps should be:

  • Start Brawlhalla.
  • Locate a game on it.
  • Once you notice three platforms, hop on the one that is moving from the left side. It is called Kor’s platform. This is the one you were searching for to reach your aim.
  • So, once you’ve done this, please perform an emote. This way, you will complete the needed task.

Congratulations! If you have done everything mentioned in the list above, you’ve reached success in the quest!

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