Where Can I Find Perfect Coromon

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Coromon has a special system kept in place to decide the efficiency and strength of the Coromon that you capture, called the Potential system. This system features a scale which ranges from 1 to 21. Each Coromon that you capture is assigned a random number from this scale, and depending on the number they possess, the power level of the Coromon will differ greatly from each other.

As you may have guessed, the lower the number a Coromon has been assigned on the Potential scale, the lower their power level will be during battle; the higher the number on the Potential scale, the higher their power level will be. A Coromon with a rating of 3 in its Potential scale will perform much worse than a Coromon with a rating of 16.

What are Potent Coromon?

Any Coromon whose Potential rating ranges from 17 to 20 is categorized as Potent Coromon, whose color differs from Coromon with a lower Potential rating. Encountering a Potent Coromon is randomized, just like a standard Coromon.

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What are Perfect Coromon and How to Get them

A Perfect Coromon is any Coromon with a Potential rating of 21. These Coromon can only be caught using the Potent Scent, or through upgrading a Potent Coromon with the help of a Potentiflator. This means that these Coromon are, rightly so, the rarest kind of Coromon for the player to encounter.

If you happen to not have any Potent Scent on you to lure Perfect Coromon, you will want to try your luck with getting a Coromon with a Potential rating of 20, as they are the easiest to upgrade to Perfect with the use of a Potentiflator.

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Where Can I Find Perfect Coromon


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