When Will the Solar Smash Update Be Released? Solar Smash All Versions List


Solar Smash is a unique space strategy game for mobile devices. Players must destroy real planets such as Mars, Earth, Saturn, etc. And for this, the game offers a diverse arsenal of weapons. You can use different rockets, lasers, asteroids, and even black holes. Moreover, the game has a mode in which you can control the entire solar system. However, the game did not immediately become so diverse. And in this guide, we will tell you about all the updates and versions of the game.

When Will the Solar Smash Update Be Released?

Solar Smash receives regular updates. This usually happens once a month. The last update was on May 23, and it did not add anything new to the game. Therefore, we expect the developers to release an update at the end of June.

Solar Smash All Versions List

In the entire history of Solar Smash, there have only been 17 versions of the game. And on average, new versions were released every month, except for updates with bug fixes. For more details, take a look at our Solar Smash Versions List.

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Solar Smash Versions List

Solar Smash 1.0.4April 4, 2020
Solar Smash 1.1.0June 17, 2020
Solar Smash 1.2.1September 18, 2020
Solar Smash 1.2.3September 30, 2020
Solar Smash 1.3.3November 14, 2020
Solar Smash 1.3.5November 25, 2020
Solar Smash 15, 2020
Solar Smash 1.4March 2, 2021
Solar Smash 1.4.1March 7, 2021
Solar Smash 1.4.5May 18, 2021
Solar Smash 1.4.7May 25, 2021
Solar Smash 1.5.4August 5, 2021
Solar Smash 1.5.5August 7, 2021
Solar Smash 1.6October 27, 2021
Solar Smash 1.7.2December 17, 2021
Solar Smash 1.8May 8, 2022
Solar Smash 1.8.1May 23, 2022

As you can see from the list of versions, the game is updated according to the same pattern. Once a month, a new version is released with new or updated content. And then, within a month, developers release updates that fix various bugs. We hope this guide was helpful to you.

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When Will the Solar Smash Update Be Released? Solar Smash All Versions List


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