Home Game Guides When Does Minecraft 1.20 Come Out? – Answered

When Does Minecraft 1.20 Come Out? – Answered

When Does Minecraft 1.20 Come Out? – Answered

At Minecraft Live 2022, Mojang announced the highly awaited Minecraft 1.20 update. Many players were eager to know about the next game update and what it will bring into the game. While the update is yet to receive any snapshot, beta, or preview, many players are already wondering when the Minecraft 1.20 update will come out. In this guide we are going to help answer the question “When does Minecraft 1.20 come out?”, so keep reading below to find out!

Minecraft 1.20 Update Expected Release Date

Mojang is yet to announce a release date for Minecraft 1.20 update. Developers also haven’t released any beta or snapshot for the 1.20 update. Players can expect the release date to be announced when the 1.20 update is close to completion.

Usually, Mojang releases major Minecraft updates during Summer. Based on previous game updates, players can expect the Minecraft 1.20 update to release in the first couple weeks of June 2023.

Minecraft 1.20 update differs from the last few updates as Mojang has neither revealed its title nor theme. Developers said they would decide upon the name and theme after adding more features. Here’s everything we know about Minecraft 1.20 update:

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1) Two new mobs – Sniffer and Camel


Minecraft 1.20 will be featuring Sniffer and Camel. Sniffer is the winner of Mob Vote 2022, whereas Camel was revealed during Minecraft Live 2022. Sniffer is an ancient mob that can be spawned by hatching sniffer eggs found in underwater ruins.

Camel is a rideable mob and the first one that two players can ride. Players can breed camels by feeding them cacti. Camels will most likely spawn in deserts and badlands.

2) Bamboo blocks

Bamboo block

In Minecraft 1.20 update, players will have access to a new wood called bamboo wood. Players can turn bamboo plants into blocks and use them like other wood blocks. The 1.20 update will also include rafts, a new type of boat made of bamboo.

3) Chiseled bookshelves

Chiseled bookshelves

Chiseled bookshelves are storage blocks for books, enchanted books, and books and quills. Players can add up to six book-type items to a chiseled bookshelf.

4) Hanging signs

Hanging signs

Hanging signs are just like regular signs but can be suspended from blocks. Players will be able to craft hanging signs using stripped logs and chains.

There will be tons of other new features in Minecraft 1.20 update. Mojang will soon reveal new features in the upcoming beta versions and snapshots.

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When Does Minecraft 1.20 Come Out? – Answered


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