When Are Nea and Meg Characters Coming to Dead by Daylight Mobile

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Dead By Daylight Mobile has been available to play since June 2019 and can be downloaded for free on IOS or Android. Although the mobile version is basically the same mechanics as the full version on PC or console, it has its key differences. Dead By Daylight Mobile includes most of the Killers and Survivors available in the full version, and has a base kit of original characters t choose from. These original Survivors are Jake, Claudette, Meg, Nea, and Dwight.

Meg and Nea in Dead By Daylight Mobile

Nea Karlsson and Meg Thomas were two of the original five Survivor characters exclusive to Dead By Daylight. Each Survivor has their own teachable perks (abilities) that can be unlocked as the character is levelled up.

Meg Thomas

Meg thomas dead by daylight
Meg Thomas (via BHVR)

Meg Thomas is a promising college athlete who went missing one day, and her body was never found. Her energy, fierce attitude and speed reflects in her personal perks: Quick and Quiet, Sprint Burst, and Adrenaline.

Quick and QuietMeg_Quick-and-Quiet dead by daylight mobileQuick vault and quick hide actions are silenced. Can be used once every 30s.
Sprint BurstMeg_Sprint Burst dead by daylight mobileGives a short burst of speed for 3s. Can be used once every minute. Causes the Exhausted status effect.
AdrenalineMeg_Adrenaline dead by daylight mobileHeal one health state when exit gates are activated. Also gives a speed boost for 5s. Causes the Exhausted effect

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Nea Karlsson

nea karlsson dead by daylight
Nea Karlsson (via BHVR)

Nea Karlsson is an urban artist who is quick on her feet and street smart. She was dared to graffiti the old asylum but was never seen again. Her perks reflect her ability to move swiftly and think on her feet: Balanced Landing, Urban Evasion, and Streetwise.

Balanced LandingTeachable_balanced Landing nea dead by daylightBreak into a sprint for 3s when falling from a height. Reduces stager and grunts. Causes Exhausted status effect for 40s.
Urban EvasionTeachable_urban Evasion dead by daylightIncreases crouching movement speed.
StreetwiseTeachable_streetwise dead by daylightDecreases depletion of items by 25%. Effects other Survivors in 8m radius and lingers for 15s.

Who is your favourite Survivor to use in Dead By Daylight? Let us know in the comments below!

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When Are Nea and Meg Characters Coming to Dead by Daylight Mobile


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