How to Emote in Dead by Daylight Mobile

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The ability to show emotion has become an important part of almost any multiplayer game. With emotes, players can quickly signal their team, celebrate with a victory action, or simply praise their ally. And in Dead by Daylight Mobile, showing emotions is simply vital. In this article, we will tell you about how to emote in the game Dead by Daylight Mobile and whether it can be done.

How to Emote in Dead by Daylight Mobile

In the PC version of Dead by Daylight, any player can show emotion to other players. There are only 2 of these emotes, but they are enough to successfully exchange the most important messages:

  • “Follow me”. With this movement, the player waves his hand and slightly his head, indicating to the players who are nearby to follow him. To do this, press button 2 on the keyboard.
  • “Look over there.” The player points in a certain direction, pointing other players to something or someone. To do this, press button 1 on the keyboard.

With the mobile version of the game, things are not so joyful. For some reason, in the mobile version of the game, the ability to show emotions is not provided. But there are several ways to get around this limitation:

  • You can connect a PS4 joystick to your mobile device. After that, you can play on your phone, and if necessary, show emotions, press the D-Pad Up or D-Pad Down buttons.
  • The second way is to download the Keyboard/Button Mapper application to your phone. With this application, you can reconfigure your phone’s buttons for the game. For example, you can reconfigure the volume up and down buttons to make them D-Pad Up or D-Pad Down. But some players said that because of this method they can ban an account, so do it at your peril and risk.

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These were all the ways to emote in Dead by Daylight Mobile. Unfortunately, until the developers add separate emote buttons to the mobile version of the game, these methods will have to be used. But given how often players ask developers for this feature, chances are it will be in the game soon.

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How to Emote in Dead by Daylight Mobile


  1. Thank for this post I was wondering why some player’s were talking to me like this and I was wonwhy I couldn’t. Its so cute and and its a great way to Communicate a strategy in the game they should add it to the mobile version I don’t know why they didn’t think of it the same people that play council is going to need the same things mobile we are so advanced in technology I’m sure they could come up with a way they’re just lazy.


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