What to Sell in Merge Mansion? Best Items List to Sell in the Game


Playing Merge Mansion you have to create many different items and tools needed to restore an old mansion. But the garage that stores items is not limitless, and to make room for creating new tools, you need to sell the old ones. But to earn more, you need to know what items are worth selling, and today we will tell you about them.

What to Sell in Merge Mansion? Best Items List to Sell in the Game

First, it should be said that even if the price of the item is high, but it is needed to complete the task, you should not sell it. It takes a lot of space, time, and other items to create complex items like a sponge or a cabinet, and if you need them to complete a task, do not sell them in any case. Also, don’t sell Toolboxes, High-Level Saplings, and Wardrobes as these items are hard to craft, and you can constantly get valuable merge resources from them.

As for the rest, you can sell some items that are not needed to complete tasks and will not be needed shortly. For example, if you are restoring a garden, you are unlikely to need hygiene products, so you can safely sell them.

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Also, always remember that when selling items you need to get the maximum benefit, so merge items before selling them. If you sell two identical items you will earn less than if you sell one result of their merge.

During the game, you will not be able to see the price of the items for sale, so we have prepared a list of the best items for sale for you.

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Merge Mansion Best Items List to Sell

Tool Barrel (VII)410
Tool Barrel (VIII)820
Blossoming Bush (III)102
Planted Flower (IV)102
Planted Flower (V)205
Big Pile of Cash410
Mansion Gate820
Briefcase of Cash1640
Stone Can3280
Vase (VIII)102
Vase (IX)205
Vase (X)410
Vase (XI)820
Soil Rake1640

In our today’s guide, we’ve covered everything you need to know about the best items to sell in Merge Mansion. If and other items are available only during in-game events. You can earn a lot by selling such items, but we will talk about this in one of the following guides.

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What to Sell in Merge Mansion? Best Items List to Sell in the Game


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