What to Give Asmodeus in Obey Me!


There are many different dating simulators with RPG elements that you can play on mobile devices. One of the best games of this genre in the modern game industry is Obey Me!, in which you can build close relationships with different demons. One of them is named Asmodeus, and if you want to befriend this lord of Hell, you will need to give him some gifts. This guide will tell you about the items that you should give to Asmodeus as gifts in Obey Me!

Asmodeus Favorite Items in Obey Me!

Obey Me! is an interesting mobile game where you can encounter many different demons. Some of them are friendly and you will be able to befriend them.

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Asmodeus in Obey Me! is one of the friendly characters that you can befriend. In order to do so, we recommend you use some special items that he likes. However, you should be careful, as if you give him items that he doesn’t like, you will make Asmodeus angry.

Asmodeus in Obey Me! has a few preferable items that you should use as gifts. Here is the list of all things that Asmodeus in Obey Me! likes:

  • Medicine
  • Whip of Love
  • Black Coffee of Melancholy
  • Wicked Cupcake
  • Backstabbing Sandwich
  • Perfume
  • Princess Poison Apple
  • Message Card
  • Flower

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What to Give Asmodeus in Obey Me!


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