What Programming Language Do I Need to Know to Use Roblox Studio?


To create games in Roblox Studio, the Lua programming language is used. It is a simple and intuitive language that is very similar to JavaScript. Lua is intended for users who are not professional programmers, as a result of which much attention is paid to the simplicity of design and ease of learning.

Features of the Lua Language

  • The very simple syntax that even a child can figure out;
  • Easy to expand With code;
  • The fastest JIT compiler;
  • One given structure (there are no arrays, sets, and other complex structures).

Where Is the Lua Programming Language Used

Games are created using this language:

  • Garry’s mod;
  • Roblox Studio;
  • Mobile games – CoronaSDK/Love2D, etc.

It is also used in web servers, such as Openresty, Embedded development, and Tarantool DBMS.

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Cons of the Lua Programming Language

Since Lua is primarily a scripting language, there are the following disadvantages:

  • NO official package repository;
  • There is NO built-in mechanism for organizing code into packages.


Lua is a simple, clear, and easy-to-learn programming language that is easy to write scripts in. It is limited in functionality and not all ideas can be realized using only it. However, if it had more functions, it would no longer be so pleasant and easy.

How to Learn the Lua Programming Language

In fact, if you take the matter seriously and don’t rush anywhere, you can learn Lua in 1 hour. Here are some excellent Lua tutorials:

  • Lua in 15 minutes quick manual in English;
  • An advanced course from the creators of the language. It is presented in the form of a 250-page book.

Basically, this is everything you need to know about Lua which is needed to create Roblox games. Do you have any other questions? Ask them in the comments below the guide.

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What Programming Language Do I Need to Know to Use Roblox Studio?


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