What is The Lavender Dragon Worth in Adopt Me! – Explained


Roblox Adopt Me has so many cute and rare pets to adopt! Some pets are more rare than others, and their rarity determines the price. The Lavender Dragon is a legendary pet given to players as a gift in February 2022. Find out more below and to see what is the Lavender Dragon worth in Adopt Me! – Explained.

All About the Lavender Dragon in Adopt Me

The Lavender Dragon is a legendary pet originally gifted to players in February 2022. After the DJ Gamepass developed a bug, players were rewarded the Lavender Dragon as an apology gift. It is not available to hatch and is only available through trade.

The Lavender Dragon is two shades of purple with black eyes and two horns, and purple fangs. It is a re-skin of the regular Dragon pet, but is not available in any other way now other than through trading with other players in Roblox Adopt Me.

Roblox Adopt Me

Valuing a pet is not really down to how much the egg costs to hatch the pet, but more about what you can trade your pet for with other players. A pet that was only available in specific events or circumstances is worth more than a hatched pet, usually.

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The Lavender Dragon is a worth the same as a legendary Ice Golum, or a Neon Giant Blue Scarab. It has recently been traded for an ultra rare Ice Wolf! It has a trade value of almost 14, which means it is worth 14 common rarity Cats.

So that is all you need to know about the value of a Lavender Dragon in Adopt Me! Next up, why not find out how much a Pink Cat is worth in Roblox Adopt Me? Have fun!

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What is The Lavender Dragon Worth in Adopt Me! – Explained


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