What Is the Fastest Car in Brookhaven? – Answered


The cars system is one of the best things that is presented in Brookhaven. A personal car is not only the perfect way to travel through the Brookhaven world but is always an excellent option to stand out among all players. However, what is the fastest car in Brookhaven? Read this guide, and you will find out.

Fastest Car in Brookhaven 

So, the point is that maximum speed of the car in Brookhaven depends only on the type of the car. For example, all small vehicles in the game have nearly the same speed, approximately 20 mph. And the fastest kind of car is the street vehicle. Their maximum speed has a limit of around 150 mph. 

However, there is a way to increase this limit. To do it, you need to buy a Game Pass. And if you buy it, the maximal speed for street vehicles will be increased to 200 mph, and for small cars, it will be increased to 45 mph. You can control this limit yourself, and every street vehicle can be the fastest in Brookhaven.

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Yes, it is the pay-to-win feature in Brookhaven. But you need to understand that developers cannot make high-quality product and update it regularly without money. Therefore, you need to pay real money if you want to get the fastest car in Brookhaven.

But it is ok if you have no money to buy the game pass. The limit for standard players is entirely suitable, and you will not feel uncomfortable driving a car at the speed of 150 mph. That is how it is.


In conclusion, there is no fastest car in Brookhaven. You need to buy the game pass, and any street car will be able to be the fastest just because you will set up speed limits yourself. Thank you for reading the guide. Hope you find it helpful!

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What Is the Fastest Car in Brookhaven? – Answered


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