How to Drift in Roblox Brookhaven


In the new January Roblox Brookhaven Racing update, we have a lot of new things and we want to tell you all the details, which will explain How to Drift in Roblox Brookhaven, because you need to know about this crazy update!

Drifting in Roblox Brookhaven

Let’s talk about driving. If this is a racing update, there’s got to be something that amplifies your racing, or makes your racing a bit more interesting, right? Well, that is correct! Now we have drift!

So let's start with the Drift settings, because a lot of people might not know what drifting does completely. When you click on the Drift settings panel, you will see “Max speed” settings, and “Drift settings (normal is 1)”. One – is the normal default setting, but if you want to give your car more sensitivity, you could reduce this setting to 0.5 (it is better to pick it up for Yourself).  RELATED: How to Give House Permissions in Brookhaven Roblox  In addition, you could try this setting on 1.5, but it doesn’t really drift as much. Instead, you'll do something like slow drift.

So, the highest rate gives you the slowest Drift, and the slowest rate gives you the highest Drift.

When you have done this first step, you can already enjoy drifting! Just hold your fingers in “Move button” and “Guide button” (left half of the screen), and when you have gained enough speed, just turn “Guide button” in the direction in which you want to drift. 
That's how simple everything is! You can try it yourself!

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How to Drift in Roblox Brookhaven


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