What Is The Biggest Map in ARK Survival Evolved? – Answered

dinosaurs and a map in ark survival evolved

ARK Survival Evolved has many maps with different biomes for you to explore. Some are built into the game and others have been created and added as mods. Each map is a different size, but the question is, do we know what the biggest one is? The answer can be subjective, but for the most part, this answer is agreeable. So the question is, what is the biggest map in ARK Survived? – it is answered here.

The Premise of ARK Survival Evolved

the crystal isles in ark survival evolved

For those unfamiliar, ARK Survival Evolved is an open-world survival game where you play a character who washes up in a mysterious land inhabited by dinosaurs along with prehistoric mammals, birds, and oceanic creatures. Your goal is to survive and tame the many creatures that reside on the land. Your tamed friends will help you on your island adventures, protecting you from enemies and taking you around the map. It’s a fun game to play either alone or with friends, though many will adamantly claim it is best in a multiplayer format.

What The Biggest Map Is In Ark Survival Evolved

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Now the true answer for what is the biggest map will depend on some factors. If you choose to play without mods or use a console without mods available, the answer will most likely be Genesis Part 1. It has many many biomes and a lot of content for you to explore as a result.

If you play ARK with mods, the biggest map you can explore is Crystal Isles. At 150 square kilometers, it’s a huge amount of space to explore. This land gets its name from the large crystals surrounding it. Crystal Isles has special creatures such as the Tropeognathus and the Crystal Wyverns. You can also find a massive been hive here with Giant Worker Bees and Dire Bears. Crystal Isles has biomes that range from forests to tundras to deserts to a river and tropics, so there’s a lot of variety in what you can explore.

If you were ever curious, now you know what ARK’s biggest map is. Crystal Isles is free to download for your game. Its large space will keep you busy playing for hours.

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What Is The Biggest Map in ARK Survival Evolved? – Answered


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