Home Game Guides What Is the Best Ship in No Man’s Sky? – Answered

What Is the Best Ship in No Man’s Sky? – Answered

What Is the Best Ship in No Man’s Sky? – Answered

To have an effective and powerful ship is a goal of any player. However, the ship system in No Man’s Sky is so hard that it is unclear what is the best ship and why. In this guide, you will find out that is the best ship in No Man’s Sky.

Complete Ship Guide in No Man’s Sky

To start, you need to know that there are different types of ships. The top three are Haulers, Explorers, and Fighters. Generally, using one of these ships will guarantee you the best result. 


It is a tank class and it is the simplest class in the game. Haulers have the most HP and 48 base storage spaces. So, if you are a beginner or mid-gamer, these ships are the best variant for you.


This class is the most universal in the game. Explorers are well balanced, so they have no weak points in characteristics. However, it makes using them harder than other ships.

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These ships are classic damage dealers. They are opposite Haulers and might be a little bit easier to use than explorers. They are powerful even because they provide shields for you during fights

Best Ships in No Man’s Sky

When it is completely clear what are the best ship classes, let’s find out what is the best ship in the game. Generally, this ship is available only if you are advanced in the game. It is too expensive. So, if you are a beginner, choose the ship referring to your opportunities.

Hawk of the Kegaura

It is an S-Class ship with perfect stats. Stats are: +48% damage, +54% shield, +70% hyperdrive. However, it costs 12,000,000 units, which is pretty expensive. Use it, and you will definitely enjoy the game. So, that is all with ships in No Man’s Sky. 

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What Is the Best Ship in No Man’s Sky? – Answered


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