What Is the Best Evolution in Vampire Survivors?

All Weapons and Combinations in Vampire Survivors

When playing Vampire Survivors, you will have to fight incredible hordes of enemies that will constantly come from all sides and begin to kill you. And if at the beginning of the game you can win with any weapon, then in the later game your possession of a powerful weapon is crucial. Also, having accumulated a sufficient amount of experience, you can evolve your weapon, after which it acquires new properties and skills. Today we will talk about the top three weapon evolutions and why you should get one for the late game.

What Is the Best Evolution in Vampire Survivors?

Knife (Thousand Edge)

The Knife is originally a unique weapon, as it is the only weapon that attacks where you aim. Thanks to this, you can fight your way through enemies to a safer area.

Evolving into Thousand Edge, the weapon becomes incredibly powerful, amplifying its already strong effect. The number of knives becomes much larger, damage dealt is increased, and cooldown decreases.

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Santa Water (La Borra)

The Santa Water weapon is one of the weakest in the game, as it fires small projectiles that do low damage and then disappear. But everything changes as soon as you evolve this weapon.

La Borra creates huge clouds around you, passing through which enemies become weaker and often die altogether.

Wand (Holy Wand)

The Wand is a powerful weapon for beginners as it has high damage, range, and fire rate. But for the later game, you will need to evolve this weapon. Holy Wand has much more damage, and the cooldown no longer exists. You can hold the Holy Wand’s activation button, and all the enemies around will instantly die before they even get close.

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What Is the Best Evolution in Vampire Survivors?


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