What Is the Best Engine in Pixel Car Racer? – Answered

Best Tune for Pixel Car Racer

The Pixel Car Racer is a game about drag racing. Therefore, the engine is the main part of the game. However, it might be quite hard to pick the best engine yourself. So, here is the guide for you. Read it, and you will understand which engine is the best in Pixel Car Racer.

Best Engine in Pixel Car Racer

You have to know that not only the engine makes your car powerful. To take the maximum efficiency from your engine, all details in your car have to be well updated. No matter if it is tires or nitro, you need to update everything. To do it you need to spend a lot of time and resources.

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The second element that affects your engine is a car setup. From the transmission to how you set a spoiler, all of it matters. Top racers have the same cars, but they have different results. The only reason for it is the setup of their cars.

Also, you need to understand that the best engine will be available only if you play a lot. It is impossible to create an account, update your car and win any race. You have to spend time in the game. Ask yourself if it is worth it? If you are sure that you need it, here is the best engine in Pixel Car Racer.


It is the Ferrari engine and this engine is the most expensive Pixel Car Racer. This engine can increase the horsepower to 2953 points. It is a small amount compared to Hemi or LT5, which give over 3500 HP to your car. Why is it so? The only reason is that this engine has the best customization and the best weight. 

So, that is all with engines in Pixel Car Racer. Hope you consider this guide valuable.

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What Is the Best Engine in Pixel Car Racer? – Answered


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