How to Get Crates Fast in Pixel Car Racer


Crates are one of the best ways to earn resources and update your car. Also, there is some excitement about opening boxes. And it makes crates one of the most desired resources in the game. How to get it? Read the guide and you will understand.

Getting Crates in Pixel Car Races

The first thing you need to know is that to earn crates you need to have a fully-updated car. The point is that you have to always win if you want to get them. And it makes it impossible to get crates for beginners.

Also, it is unreal to farm these boxes fast. Therefore, you will need a lot of free time if you want to get crates. And if you are ready to overcome obstacles, here are the best ways to get crates.

Completing Races

First, you need to have at least the 25 level or higher. You can get crates even with a lower level, but it will be a little bit longer. Navigate to drag and choose free run, opt for your transmission and pick ¼ mile drag. All you need to do is complete these races as much as possible.

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Participate in Tournaments 

To do it, you need an X2 or R2 car. The point is that tournament races give you rewards as common races. However, in the end, you earn one additional crate by winning the tournament.

Also, you can download the emulator of this game or set up the clicker to earn crates automatically. Otherwise, you will spend a lot of time earning them. That is all. Hope you consider this guide helpful.

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How to Get Crates Fast in Pixel Car Racer


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