Home Codes What is Preston’s Shop Super Secret Code in Pet Simulator 99? – Answered

What is Preston’s Shop Super Secret Code in Pet Simulator 99? – Answered

What is Preston’s Shop Super Secret Code in Pet Simulator 99? – Answered
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If you’ve looked around the internet for Pet Simulator 99 lately, you’ve probably seen a lot of talk about the alleged code for Preston’s Shop. And believe me, us too! Everyone’s asking, “What is Preston’s Shop Super Secret Code in Pet Simulator 99?”. So, what’s the answer?

Well, let’s try to find out! I’ve looked all around the online communities, YouTube, Reddit, and every other place I could think of. Here’s what I found. But before we start, you might want to check out an easier related subject. In that case, read about how to get a Titanic Banana pet in Pet Simulator X!

Is there a code for Preston’s Shop in Pet Simulator 99?

Here's Preston, here's the Shop, but no code can be found!
Screenshot by Touch, Tap, Play

Although everyone seems to be dancing around the subject, I’ll just take a risk and say it as I see it: No, there’s no code for Preston’s Shop in Pet Simulator 99. You may ask how I can be so sure the Super Secret Code doesn’t exist. The truth is, I’m not 100% sure. But, according to the evidence that can be found online, that’s my best guess.

You can spend an entire day watching YouTube creators who claim they’ve redeemed the code for Preston’s Shop. But every video I saw claiming that was pure and simply—fake. Some use Photoshop to make it seem like the code worked, most don’t even give you a code to try, and none can say with certainty that the code is even real!

The same can be said of various online sources. In practically every case, you won’t find an actual code written out. You’ll more likely find a theory about connecting the dots that would put even The Usual Suspects to shame. The result? Plenty of theory, no code, and that’s after hours of trying to figure out the so-called clues!

Finally, you can go to the official channels. I combed through the Pet Simulator 99 Twitter (X) and Discord, looking for the Super Secret Code with zero success. Not to mention truckloads of Facebook groups (here’s one example) dedicated to Pet Simulator 99 players. Likewise, no results.

My only conclusion from all this? Even though there’s a prompt to enter a code at Preston’s Shop, the Super Secret Code either hasn’t been implemented in the game or it’s so secret not even the developer knows it! But that doesn’t mean I didn’t try even the craziest things to break the code. Want to know what? Read on.

I tried some codes for Preston’s Shop in Pet Simulator 9

Sure, it’s impossible to find a concrete code for Preston’s Shop anywhere. But after looking far and wide, I decided to try a different approach. Roblox isn’t exactly a tightly-knit community. However, what if a code found otherwise could be applied to Preston’s Shop?

Before I give you the list of codes I tried, I’ll tell you the result: Absolutely nothing. This list is just to show you that I’ve left no stone unturned!

  • DIY

Avid readers might recognize some of the codes and ask, Wait, aren’t these codes from a dozen of other Roblox games? To which I answer, yes. Yes they are. And like everything else I tried for Preston’s Shop, the listed codes didn’t work, either.

Where is Preston’s Shop in Pet Simulator 99?

Preston’s Shop is located in Area 35, also known as Safari. While in Area 35, look for the hallway that connects this location with Area 26 (Pirate Cove). Preston’s Shop will be in that hallway but won’t be available without the (currently impossible to find) code. So, go there, find the shop, say hi to Preston, and—move along!

Of course, if the infamous Super Secret Code for Preston’s Shop in Pet Simulator 99 surfaces one day, we’ll be on it in a second. But until then, the best we can offer are tips and tricks for other games in our Game Guides section and a bunch of codes for numerous Roblox titles, courtesy of our Codes section!

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What is Preston’s Shop Super Secret Code in Pet Simulator 99? – Answered