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How to Get Titanic Banana in Pet Simulator X

How to Get Titanic Banana in Pet Simulator X
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Have you seen people chilling on giant bananas in Pet Simulator X? Have you noticed their maddening self-satisfied smirks as they sit on top of their new titanic pets? Do you want to have a Titanic Banana of your own?

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Titanic Banana has been recently added as a new secret pet, and the fandom went crazy about it right away. However, acquiring one is not simple at all. In this article, we explore how to get Titanic Banana in Pet Simulator X—if nothing else than for the bragging rights!

What is Titanic Banana in Pet Simulator X?

Titanic Banana Pet Simulator X
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Titanic Banana is a limited-edition UGC item that gives you a unique titanic pet in the shape of a giant banana in the game if you equip it on your avatar’s shoulder before starting Pet Simulator X.

This pet is rideable, and as a titanic pet, it comes with a tagline that it is much stronger than your best pets. It is also marked as Strength V, which means that this pet deals +100% more damage.

How to get Titanic Banana in Pet Simulator X

Titanic Banana appeared as an item that can be purchased for 690 Robux. However, since there were only 99 of them for sale, the item sold out within minutes, and its page says that no one is selling it at the moment. It is also marked as non-tradeable.

Therefore, at the moment, it looks like your best bet for getting Titanic Banana is to wait for a month when people who got it initially start selling it for Robux. Since it seems that everyone wants it now, you can expect the prices to be rather steep.

Let us know in the comments whether you plan on getting one when they become available. In the meantime, get more useful tips on everything Pet Simulator X in our dedicated section here on TouchTapPlay!

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How to Get Titanic Banana in Pet Simulator X


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