What is Incursion in Star Trek Fleet Command? – Answered


There is a huge amount of interesting RTS games for mobile devices and one of the most exciting products of this genre is known as Star Trek Fleet Command. This game allows you to participate in many different activities and one of them is called Infinite Incursion. It seems that there are lots of players who would like to know more information about this event. So, this guide will tell you about Infinite Incursions in Star Trek Fleet Command.

What are Infinite Incursions in Star Trek Fleet Command?

Star Trek Fleet Command is one of the most interesting MMORTS games in the modern game industry and it has a huge amount of different activities that you can do. This list includes lots of puzzles that you can solve, PvE events that put you against different dangers and tough opponents, and PvP events where you can fight against other players.

Infinite Incursions in Star Trek Fleet Command is a special event that allows you to fight against players from another server. This activity connects two servers between each other and during this connection players who reached level 25+ can move to another server and fight with other players there.

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During the Infinite Incursions event, two servers will be connected and they will be matched by their age and population. So, you will always have a chance to win against your opponents even if they are a little bit tougher than you.

If your server achieves victory during the Infinite Incursion event the participants will be able to get powerful buffs. So, you should always try to invade the opposing server and help your comrades to win this war.

There are lots of interesting activities and events that you can play in Star Trek Fleet Command and we will be glad if you learn something new about this game with help of our guides. Good luck in your further battles in the Infinite Incursion event!

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What is Incursion in Star Trek Fleet Command? – Answered


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